BLACKPINK Unveils Their Femme Fatale Boldness In Pre-Release Single “How You Like That”

BLACKPINK launches the beginning of their three-phase comeback plan by delivering their anticipated pre-release single “How You Like That”.

Following their previous comeback with “Kill This Love” last April, BLACKPINK made their immensely-awaited return by dropping their pre-release single “How You Like That”.


Comeback Countdown Timeline

BLACKPINK shook their fans by unveiling their first teaser for “How You Like That” on June 10. The minimal poster incited curiosity towards what concept the group would turn to with this release.

On June 13, BLACKPINK added to fans’ excitement by unveiling a new reality show. Called 24/365 with BLACKPINK, the show will focus on the members’ daily life. Additionally, the members offered sly hints about their newest track, stating that the song has a “hip-hop aura with swag”.

Starting June 15, BLACKPINK began rolling out individual and group teaser images, sparking BLINKS’ anticipation for the track. Featuring fierce new concepts, the photos hinted towards the track’s bold sound.

On June 18, Jimmy Fallon shocked BLINKS with the announcement that BLACKPINK would grace the stage of The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon in their first appearance on the show to perform “How You Like That”.

Just four hours ahead of “How You Like That”‘s release, the members took to YouTube in a global press conference to discuss and celebrate their newest track.

“How You Like That” First Impression

The quartet’s return to the music scene after more than a year had many fans eagerly awaiting “How You Like That”. Just as the members teased, BLACKPINK’s pre-release track delivers a strikingly feisty sound. After a cinematic intro of brass instruments followed by Lisa’s declaration of the group’s chant, “BLACKPINK in your area”, the song transitions into the first vocally driven verse.

The members’ strong vocals are highlighted in the verses, while the distorted bass drop in the chorus provides a unique twist on the song. Lisa portrays her cool-girl swag in the song’s rap sections, while Jennie’s dynamic grit highlights the bridge. Meanwhile, Rosé and Jisoo’s angelic pairing for the third verse slows the pace seamlessly before the song’s electronic dance break.

Overall, “How You Like That” embodies BLACKPINK’s classic sound and is reminiscent of their prior release “DDU-DU DDU-DU”, while still sounding refreshing and new. The pre-release evokes excitement for BLACKPINK’s approaching album in the fall, inciting curiosity for where they will take their sound next.

“How You Like That” MV Afterthoughts

The music video for “How You Like That” was a cinematic spectacle. From burning flames to beautiful florals, to an icy stage, BLACKPINK offered a range of stunning sets to impress viewers. Moreover, with their jewelled outfits and fantastic dresses, the members showcased their visual strengths, taking fans’ breath away with their beauty.

The shots at the latter end of the video with the members standing against a ceiling structure resembling wings were particularly powerful—portraying BLACKPINK as Phoenix birds rising from the ashes.

Furthermore, their ending dance break concluded the video with a statement and left fans wanting more.

BLINKS can look forward to the group’s official comeback with their new album dropping this fall. Additionally, BLACKPINK have been diligently preparing solo tracks for their fans as well.

Image and video sources: YG Entertainment

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