BLACKPINK’s Lisa fans want her to leave YG after her absence from Paris Fashion Week

BLACKPINK’s Lisa was absent from Paris Fashion Week… Fans are not satisfied “please leave YG”

Lisa’s fans are saying ‘YG Entertainment, her agency, is neglecting her’

Some fans said they would ‘boycott YG’, and advised Lisa, “Please leave YG and pursue her solo career”

original post: theqoo

1. I’m tired of Southeast Asian fans… I wonder what will happen if she leaves YG

2. What can she do if she leaves YG? Honestly, she’s so popular because she’s from YG and BLACKPINKㅋㅋ

3. I always thought that YG pushed Lisa a lot, but why do her fans always say that YG treats her badly?

4. If she leaves YG and promotes solo, I don’t know about Thailand, but it’s hard for her to promote in Korea

5. I like Lisa, but I hate her fans

6. I hate YG too, but honestly, she wouldn’t have been so popular if she hadn’t debuted in BLACKPINK.. Do her fans really want her to leave YG?

7. In the future, I hope K-pop groups will only have Korean members, I’m so tired of foreign idols

8. There’s no reason to discriminate. Why does YG discriminate among BLACKPINK members? I don’t think there’s any group where the individual activities of the members are pushed as evenly as BLACKPINK, Lisa’s fans are very sensitive

9. Lisa fighting! Lisa seems to be having a hard time because of her fans

10. I know Lisa’s dancing skills are so good, but in the future, let’s not accept Southeast Asian trainees

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