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BLACKPINK’s Lisa Stole Attention from 5 Luxury Brands at Celine Event 

5 competitor brands were all in awe when BLACKPINK Lisa appeared at a Celine event and stole the spotlight

Recently, BLACKPINK Lisa appeared at a Celine event at shopping center Siam Paragon in Bangkok and immediately made waves across SNS. By noon on December 20, a video capturing moments of Lisa moving to the event location suddenly went viral.

In the video, it can be seen that despite Lisa being a global ambassador for Celine, she completely stole the attention of the staff from 5 other luxury brands and Celine competitors, including Fendi, Hermes, Dior, Louis Vuitton, and Chanel.

Just a few hours after being posted, the aforementioned video garnered over 300,000 views. On forums, netizens expressed their fascination with the clip, simultaneously showing admiration for Lisa’s extraordinary allure in her homeland, Thailand.

Employees from 5 other luxury brands that compete with Celine did not miss the opportunity to capture images of Lisa at Siam Paragon
lisa blackpink
Lisa exuded intense charisma that can even outshine her leopard print outfit

Many fans flocked to the shopping center early to witness Lisa in person.

Under the comment section of the video, fans show various reactions to Lisa’s “disruptive appearance”. In particular, they left comments such as, “We can’t blame the staff from those 5 brands. It’s really hard to resist Lisa’s allure,” “Lisa is indeed the center of attention,” “A national treasure of Thailand” and “Her allure is truly admirable.”

Source: KB, TikTok

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