BLACKPINK’s original choreography ‘Pink Venom’ was posted on Leejung’s Instagram

1. Lee Leejung’s energy is the best

2. How can the human body move like that?

3. Wow, the dance is crazy. How can she dance like that?

4. Wow, that’s crazy, daebakㅋㅋ And if I do this, I think I’ll lose weight on my arms

5. I got goosebumps when I saw it on Instagram, I think I watched it three times

6. Oh, I want to see the complete choreography as soon as possible ㅋㅋ Please give me the choreography video quickly.. I’m so curious

7. I’m curious about BLACKPINK’s choreography video

8. She’s good at dancing, but I don’t know if the choreography matches the song

9. Leejung’s choreography is great, but I feel like it doesn’t match the idol’s choreography

10. She has her strength, she’s so cool, but it’s too hard to sing live while dancing that choreography

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