‘Bob Bless You 2’ PD tests positive for coronavirus ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: ‘Bob Bless You 2’ reps, “PD confirmed for corona19… Song Eun Yi -> Jang Do Yeon to get tested”

Source: MBN TV via Nate

1. [+1,602, -28] Why did the PD think it was okay to go on vacation overseas at a time like this? Fire them!!

2. [+1,117, -16] It’s going to be dangerous considering the point of the show is to film outside

3. [+1,031, -15] I always thought variety shows like this were at highest risk

4. [+157, -0] They must be insane to have gone to New York in March, no? Of all the places, why America in this state? What are Song Eun Yi, Kim Sook, Park Narae, and Do Yeon supposed to do now? Especially when they have so many other schedules to tend to? They should sue the PD.

5. [+127, -0] So it wasn’t even for a film schedule, the PD just went to New York for a personal vacation. Now all of the cast is at risk during one of the busiest film schedules of the season. What a nuisance.

6. [+82, -0] Vacation to the States? The PD is so reckless to do something so dangerous. Just fire them.

7. [+78, -0] Going to New York in March is basically saying you’re going there to die

8. [+62, -0] What a thoughtless idiot, a vacation to New York at a time like this!!!!!!!

9. [+55, -2] The PD deserves to to be sued by the entire program ㅡㅡ

10. [+54, -1] Hul, looks like they’re going to have to skip episodes for a while

Source: Nate

1. [+520, -10] The PD deserves to be sued by the cast and CJ MBC. March is a super dangerous month for New York and they went to vacation there? If you want to die, please do it on your own, idiot.

2. [+441, -3] An international vacation in the midst of all this, hopeless

3. [+369, -7] A nuisance in more ways than one

4. [+39, -0] Funny to me how they live in Gangnam but stayed in Paju after their vacation. So it’s okay for Paju people to catch the virus but not their hometown?

5. [+37, -2] This could be really bad for the broadcast industry. This PD is only one person but think of how many shows are run under them and how many stars they’re in contact with who are on many other shows. They’re insane.

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