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Butter’s plagiarism accusations broke out

It was not sampling, it’s literally the same

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1. [+171, -61] The intro is identical…

2. [+167, -99] It’s not only the intro, they repeat the same sequence too, right? It’s simply the same

3. [+164, -43] These accusations are not well known, so the company seems to be turning a blind eye on this. If we create a buzz with this, of course they will need to give feedback. Don’t try to silence people who think this is plagiarism

4. [+68, -18] But this is plagiarism..? The first part is the same, but the next part is different…? Why are you guys so excited?

5. [+67, -12] Foreign composers wrote all the melodies and RM added and subtracted a bit. Why do you say that BTS is plagiarized?

6. [+66, -27] Only the intro melody is similar, the rest is completely different

What do you think?

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