“BTS doesn’t have any songs” These are the mega hit idol songs that you can’t refute

These are the mega hit idol songs that you can’t refute

Wonder Girls – Tell Me

Big Bang – Lies

Big Bang – Fantastic Baby

Big Bang – Bang Bang Bang

SHINee – Ring Ding Dong

Super Junior – Sorry Sorry

SNSD – Gee

2NE1 – I Don’t Care

Miss A – Good Girl Bad Girl

T-ARA – Roly Poly

EXO – Growl

Crayon Pop – Bar Bar Bar

Apink – No No No

EXID – Up & Down

TWICE – Cheer Up

GFriend – Rough

iKON – Love Scenario

Zico – Any Song

Brave Girls – Rollin’

Aespa – Next Level

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1. [+433, -138] But GFriend ‘Rough’ is way too weak?

2. [+298, -178] Why is Red Flavor which was the biggest hit of 2017 not here? There’s nobody who can’t sing along Red Flavor

3. [+280, -29] But 2PM’s Heartbeat and Again & Again are mega hit songs. 2PM’s Heartbeat was the one top in 2009

4. [+204, -81] Dynamite’s results were good overseas but it’s not considered a mega hit song in Korea. When it comes to BTS, if you compare their songs with other mega hits, they really don’t have any. There are even people who stream their songs on mute to boost the results

5. [+194, -65] Honestly speaking, let’s remove Next Level;;

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