BTS drama production put on pause due to complications with using members’ names ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: BTS drama halts filming due to problems arising from using the members’ real names

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+316] Of course. They shouldn’t be going through with the drama at all. Just scrap the whole thing.

2. [+195] A BTS drama without the BTS members… it was never going to work

3. [+159] Halt ❌ Scrap  ⭕️

4. [+98] There are pissed off Armies because Big Hit seems to be treating their fans like they’re clients;;

5. [+61] Now what’s all this nonsense about ㅡㅡ Big Hit, do your jobs

6. [+52] People just love these bootstrap stories so much, and it’s why autobiographies are littered with nothing but stories of overcoming hardship. What about all the stories of kids who grew up in happy homes and matured into happy people too?

7. [+31] Please stop with this

8. [+11] Just don’t finish it. BTS is doing just fine without needing a drama like this.

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