BTS’ Jimin Takes On The Role Of Project Manager For Upcoming BTS Album

Jimin has got ARMYs jumping in joy as he gave an update on the process and his work as a project manager on BTS’ upcoming album!

In their recent live streams BTS’ Jimin explained to their fans how they assigned each member with a different task for their upcoming album.

He came live on YouTube recently on the group’s official YouTube channel BANGTANTV. He spoke about his daily life and also touched up the subject of their new album.

He spoke about how each member has taken on a different role to contribute to a structured album making process. Jimin revealed that he had taken on the role of the project manager for the album. Thus, he would be in charge of planning and compiling the group’s suggestions for music and compositions.

He stated, “As we worked on this upcoming album, we picked roles out roles by field and I took up the role of being the project manager and I took charge of the music.”

Jimin added, while simultaneously working, “I’m not sure how I can do more, but I’m trying to help. As a project manager, I ensure that I can have detailed discussions with the members as to how they want to work (music), what kind of songs they want to do, how they want to organize them, and which members will go well together and discuss these things with the company.”

He disclosed how the process of organizing and discussing music goes. Jimin said, “Members pitched in their ideas and gave inputs, so I organize them and send them to the company via e-mail.”

Jimin asserted that he enjoys being the project manager, saying, “There is a pride in organizing the members’ opinions.” He said that he looks forward to this role and hopes to take on such responsibilities in the future as well.

Beginning with BTS’ leader RM on April 17, Suga, J-Hope and Jimin, all held livestream broadcasts to #StayConnected and #CarryOn and share a part of their daily lives with their fans on their channel BANGTANTV.

Source: Enews IMBC

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