BTS Jimin unexpectedly has a lot of tattoos, netizens talk about his tattoos

Jimin unexpectedly has a lot of tattoos

“Youth” behind his ear

“Young Forever” behind his arms

“13” on his wrist

From his neck down to his waist, he has the phases of a Moon

“7” on his finger

“NEVERMIND” above his ribs

1. What? .. Since when does he have so many tattoos?

2. Everything makes sense, the location is nice and looks like they’ve been done well

3. So meaningful, so beautiful ㅠ

4. I hope I can see his moon tattoos one day

5. 13 is so beautiful, I want to do it too

6. The tattoos are so pretty and I love how he chooses the ones that suit him ㅠㅠ

7. Everything is so beautiful ㅠㅠ

8. Each one makes sense and they’re perfect for Jimin, so they’re beautiful. I’ve been waiting for his back tattoo to be revealed

9. What does the moon tattoo mean? I’m curious, but since Jimin does it, everything is perfect

10. They’re all perfect and they’re all related to BTS so they suit him so well

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