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BTS Jimin’s Chinese fans revealed his first birthday support

BTS Jimin’s Chinese Fandom are very sincere about Jimin’s yearly birthday support because evidenced by their numerous big-scale support projects in the past

For 2021, they will have Jeju Air’s airplanes with Jimin’s face wrapped around them for his birthday on October 13th

Jimin’s themed airplane will run on Jeju Air for 3 months & will have cups & flight tickets with Jimin’s image

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1. Jimin’s birthday events are always unique and large-scale, they used to run KakaoTalk ads

2. Wow, BTS’ Chinese fans are amazing.. I need to get on Jeju Air to meet Jimin!!

3. I went to Jeju Island in March and I want to go back there

4. Should I plan my Jeju island trip alone in October?

5. I was impressed with the sincerity of the fans. I want to go to Jeju Island

6. Well, I hate traveling, but I want to travel on that plane

7. I’ll have to go to Jeju Island for Jimin

8. I will go to Jeju Island in October

9. Daebak.. Jimin’s birthday is always like a festival

10. Will they do it on the spaceship next time? The scale is amazing

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