BTS Jin shocks netizens with his skinny legs

What’s up with BTS Jin’s legs..?

I was so surprised when I saw him on Instagram.. Was he always this thin..? I doubt my eyes

[+157, -6]

1. [+81, -2] Seriously, he’s so skinny. His height is 179 cm and his weight is 61 kg…..

2. [+55, -8] It’s true that he’s super skinny. Park Jimin is really skinny and short but Jin, who is taller than Jimin, weighs less than him. His shoulders are so broad, so he doesn’t look skinny

3. [+36, -1] The comments below say that skinny legs are normal..? Seriously, he’s so skinny

4. [+33, -0] What’s more surprising is that he has a small head, a long neck, and broad shoulders

5. [+16, -3] He’s so sexy with his kneecap pic

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