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BTS’ photoshoot for Louis Vuitton just released

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1. J-Hope is perfect, Jungkook’s bag is so pretty

2. Suga’s outfit is so pretty, it suits him so well

3. Kim Namjoon…. You look so charming ㅠㅠ

4. Jimin has the ability to make products really stand out and draw attention to himself. Jin and J-Hope are amazing too

5. Wow Seokjin………… is a model

6. Jin’s proportions are amazing, he’s so handsome

7. V looks so classy.. I don’t understand fashion, but the members all look good

8. V is amazing, Jungkook is cool and cute

9. Jin = A work of art

10. What are J-Hope’s clothes? He digests it well, he’s like a model

11. V looks like a professional model

12. Jin looks like a real actor, handsome

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