BTS presses pause on their international tour ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: BTS reps, “International tour on temporary pause, readjusting entire schedule” (official statement)

Source: Newsen via Nate

1. [+518, -36] Miss you BTS 💜

2. [+477, -26] I’m sure they’re feeling upset considering how much they’ve prepared for the tour. Big Hit will have a lot to deal with in terms of canceling fees for all the big stadiums. I hope things get better in the second half of the year so they can go on tour again.

3. [+404, -20] Thank you for coming out with a variety of different content~ I’ll be waiting ㅠㅠ!BTS and Armies, let’s see you all soon, don’t get sick! 💜

4. [+28, -6] Safety comes first. We can have more fun at concerts and fan meets once corona has passed!

5. [+27, -10] Or enlist together at this time.. because I don’t think corona will be over even by the end of the year…

6. [+26, -9] I think the year has been ruined in terms of plans so why not enlist this year and start up promos next year? Big Hit can hold on until BTS gets back. For all the idols with enlistments on the horizon, I think enlisting now is the answer. It’s obvious that everyone has thrown this year out for plans so they can get back to work next year.

7. [+25, -8] A lot to consider for Big Hit

8. [+22, -5] With people all over the world dying, concerts are an afterthought… sad to say… ㅠ

9. [+20, -9] They should’ve just enlisted all together after their last concert in November last year

10. [+20, -4] See you all healthy soon ㅠㅠ but they’re still putting out albums and going on V app, SNS, YouTube, etc every day so I don’t feel their absence at all ㅠㅠ thank you

11. [+18, -3] Wouldn’t it be better for all 7 to enlist now? I think corona will still be around even next year. Corona might be gone by the time they’re discharged.

12. [+16, -0] I don’t think it’s just BTS. All Billboard singers won’t be able to tour for the next two years at least… because even if corona dies down, a second wave is bound to come. Until a vaccine is developed, there won’t be international tours..

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