BTS RM updates Instagram despite malicious comments from Chinese netizens

BTS RM’s Instagram update


1. I’m so happy that BTS members have become world stars that no one can touch, and RM is so cool

2. I’m not a fan of BTS, but I have a lot to learn from RM.. Please follow RM’s Instagram, it’s really amazing

3. We love our leader

4. I’m not his fan, but I respect Namjoon

5. He certainly saw the reactions from Chinese netizens, but he uploaded it again. He’s so cool

6. I respect Namjoonie too!!!

7. Namjoon is serious about the Olympics

8. I’m not a fan, but I think RM is the best leader in idol history!

9. BTS members are all Korean, so it’s great to see them cheering for the Korean team

10. I’m not an ARMY, but I feel like I’m about to be an ARMY, why is he so cool?

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