BTS, Son Heung Min, President, Koreans debate who is the most popular Korean overseas

Who is the most popular Korean overseas?

1. President

2. President? Former Secretary General of the United Nations?

3. BTS

4. Son Heung Min or Kim Yuna? Faker is so popular overseas too

5. Son Heung Min?

6. BTS? Son Heung Min?

7. Son Heung Min, every country loves football?? Or BTS?

8. Isn’t it Faker, Son Heung Min, or BTS?

9. President, Kim Yuna, Son Heung Min, BTS

10. By my standards, it’s Faker, Son Heung Min and BTS?

11. Son Heung Min? There’s also BTS

12. BTS, Son Heung Min

13. K-pop isn’t popular in the West, but BTS is so popular that they’re not even considered one of the K-pop groups

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