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Suga’s producing and Rosé’s vocals

I want to listen to Rosé’s vocals in a song produced by Suga

I think it’d be nice if they wrote the song together so please can you make a collaboration with Suga’s song and Rosé’s vocals

BTS’ company, Bang Si Hyuk CEO-nim, please make this happen

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1. [+69, -24] Looking at the songs that Suga produced for other singers, I think it would suit Rosé’s voice so well

2. [+58, -26] I also want to listen to Suga x Rosé’s song ㅠㅠ

3. [+53, -22] I think they’d fit well musically, I have this feeling

4. [+29, -6] Halsey, IU, Heize, Suran >> These are the female artists that Suga has either featured or produced for and looking at the list, I think Rosé would be a perfect fit. But because it’s BTS and BLACKPINK, I think the trolls would make my head hurt

5. [+27, -8] YG doesn’t care about main vocals and never pushes Rosé so please, amazing Bang Si Hyuk-nim, cute and cool Suga-nim, make this happen

6. [+22, -6] It’s not crazy, it’s fine musically. For real, Suga will make a good song that suits Rosé’s voice

What do you think?

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