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BTS Suga’s thoughts on Korean music shows

It’s not an exaggeration to say that you have achieved most of the possible achievements in the music industry as an artist. However, what do you think is necessary in promotional activities for the artists that have come after BTS?

“The way artists promote is so tough. As soon as their promotions start, they appear on a music show a day and they experience lots of fatigue and there are many cases where this stacks up and leads to injury. And despite that, it’s not like they get paid for music show appearances. And so, even though they are so active, there are no tangible results and so they will get discouraged. If it is possible, it would be good for them to have just one stage that is high in terms of completeness, but given the current situation, that’s quite hard. And the nature of our job isn’t one that is ordinary, so there are circumstances where the laws protecting it are quite ambiguous. I think the business system needs to be developed more.” – Suga cr

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1. As a fan, I’m touched and I will support him for the rest of my lifeㅋㅋ This is the first time I’ve seen an idol with this mindset. I’m proud of my idol

2. He’s right.. I’m so grateful that my favorite group performs on music shows, but it’s a pity that they are abrading their own bodies, moreover if they are injured, the broadcaster will not compensate them for the damage

3. That’s right, groups have to gather since dawn, and they don’t even know why they have to watch other groups’ rehearsals

4. He’s right, how will broadcasters use the profits of music shows?

5. I love Min Yoongi ㅠㅠ Thank you so much for always telling your fans what you think and what you’re doing these days💜💜

6. So they won’t perform on Korean music shows in the future?

7. ??? He’s right, so why are you guys fighting?

8. Singers like BTS need to say this so their juniors can benefit more

9. BTS already has a lot of fans. But it’s hard for other idol groups to get more fans if they don’t perform on music shows, especially rookie groups…

10. But idols perform on music shows not to make money but to promote their songs and image..

What do you think?

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