BTS’ V hopes to retire by 40 and dedicate his life to his future wife ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: BTS V announces plans to start acting at 30 and retire by 40 to dedicate his life to his wife

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+598] I don’t know who that wife will be but she will be so happy

2. [+421] Who knows who his wife will be but I’m so jealous of her already 😍

3. [+151] What an amazing mindset… Even as a man, I find him so cool. ‘Butter’ is daebak and I’m still enjoying ‘Dynamite’ ㅎㅎ fighting, thank you for helping our country shine.

4. [+246] I should get ready for a sex change then.. 😅

5. [+38] Man, it’d be such a blessing if he filmed a drama with that face of his face;;;;

6. [+14] How does one become his wife..?

7. [+5] Why does he have to be so young!!! The sad age gap 😭😍 

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