BTS V ‘Vogue’ October issue exclusive cover just released

BTS V ‘Vogue’ October issue exclusive cover just released

1. I need to open my wallet

2. He’s seriously handsome~ He’s the best! The first photo is crazy

3. V is handsome and has crazy aura

4. Looks like he didn’t wear makeup, but he’s so pretty

5. I clicked it by accident and was shocked by how handsome he is

6. It’s weird that he looks a bit like Jennie now, is it because he’s dating her?

7. When life is not happy, he can look in the mirror

8. V’s aura should be preserved

9. I call this face art, I’m happy to see his face

10. Wow I want that watch, I’m so jealous

11. As expected, V did so well ㅠㅠㅠ

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