BTS V who no longer has confidence in his face as he gets older

Look at his face…

1. I want to live with V’s face. Do you want to live with my face?

2. What are you saying? Taehyung’s beauty is still growing

3. What??! Who???? What is he talking about?

4. I’m not kidding, because of his jawline, he will look more handsome as he gets older

5. It’s a face that surprises me every time I see him because he’s so f*cking handsome

6. Hey Taehyung.. What are you saying?

7. Taehyung! I don’t know, I just know you’re so handsome

8. I think V will be cool even if he becomes a grandpa

9. When he was young, he was like an idol, and now I feel like he’s like an actor

10. This is really the most meaningless thing of 2022

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