But what is the reason why female idols are so popular???

I’m curious

1. Many people ignore male idol songs, especially men

2. Male idols focus too much on performing

3. Men don’t listen to male idols’ songs

4. In fact, there are research results that show that female voices are easier to hear

5. I don’t think male idol songs are popular these days. I only listen to female idol songs except for my favorite boy group songs

6. A lot of people don’t listen to male idol songs

7. It’s not that men don’t listen to male idol songs, men also listen to a lot of male idol songs, but it’s just a matter of whether they like the songs or not

8. People of all ages listen to female idols’ songs, but there are a lot of people who just don’t listen to male idols’ songs

9. Everyone around me hates male idols

10. Female idol songs are better + Easy to listen to + Men don’t listen to male idol songs

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