But why isn’t Sullyoon the center?

Her face suits the center best compared to other girls.. Does she lack skills?

[+309, -26]

1. [+187, -2] It’s not that the other members are ugly but Sullyoon looks like the center

2. [+131, -24] Except for Sullyoon, they look like normal people

3. [+116, -0] I feel like the center of NMIXX is Jinni and Kyujin, right? Like TWICE Nayeon and ITZY Ryujin who have center vibes, Tzuyu and Yuna are the visual members, but I feel like they just seem to be standing there

4. [+65, -6] Except for Sullyoon, they don’t look like JYP’s female idols…

5. [+37, -3] For NMIXX’s concept, Jinni suits the center better than Sullyoon

6. [+23, -0] After watching the choreography, I can understand why Kyujin is the center, I think Kyujin or Jinni will continue to be the center

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