Cases hit the 600s for the first time in 9 months ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: Cases in the 600s for the first time in 9 months… as bad as the first wave

Source: Yonhap News via Nate

1. [+891, -27] That number makes a swear come out of my mouth automatically..

2. [+805, -132] It’s what you get for not listening to the professionals! You should always follow through with directions until the end..

3. [+803, -61] Can we please start raising the phases, it’s not too late

4. [+102, -5] This is so bad

5. [+71, -6] And yet the government is still refusing to order phase 3 ㅋㅋ we could be hitting 10,000 cases a day and they’d hesitate to order phase 2.95

6. [+37, -4] Can we please raise it to phase 2.5, this is crazy

7. [+28, -5] This is such poor handling;;

8. [+28, -4] 600 cases, hul~ this is crazy

9. [+22, -1] After all that bragging about how the world was jealous of our handling

10. [+19, -0] Wow, crazy. Not 500 but 600 now, I guess it’s only a matter of time before we’re in the thousands ㅜㅜ

11. [+18, -0] We’re going ot be hitting a thousand soon.. I think TV shows need to halt filming for the time being

12. [+16, -5] There’s no point in people individually doing their best when the government should be stepping up and ordering phase 2.5. What did we expect to happen otherwise?

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