Changmin announces that he is getting married this year ~ Netizen Buzz

Source: SpoTV News via Nate

1. [+5,056, -48] Changmin-ah!! Congratulations on your marriage!!!!!!!!

2. [+3,649, -43] Wow~~~~ daebak.. congrats, congrats!!!

3. [+3,290, -46] Wow, congratulations

4. [+358, -2] Chen should watch and learn, now that’s how you write a letter

5. [+345, -4] I remember chasing you back in middle school just to see you… and I’m getting married next year now too ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ farewell… be happy….

6. [+326, -7] This is a different case from Chen’s. Changmin has never caused a scandal since his debut 17 years ago and has lived an ideal life ㅋㅋ What Chen did was basically throw cold water over a group in its prime, tease fans with his Lovestagrams, and has a history of pissing his fans off. Of course his news won’t be welcomed like this.

7. [+323, -10] Meanwhile his former members are toilet fetishists, corona liars, and pay eat and runners… sigh, all that suffering. I wish you happiness with your new family.

8. [+298, -3] This is the class of a true Hallyu star. It’s always the cowardly nugus who hide their kids and wives, acting like they’re still single on TV, like they’re characters shrouded in mystery. What a joke. And congratulations!

9. [+243, -3] This woman must’ve saved a country seven times in her past life ㅋ she really lucked out. Have a happy life~

10. [+212, -3] It’s always the kids who go around leaking dating scandals or get into public relationships who usually never end up married. Normal people like Changmin know when to announce it to the public at the right time. ㅎㅎ

11. [+202, -0] Even his handwriting is so upright…

12. [+183, -3] Maybe because I only ever knew him as the TVXQ maknae but I was wondering why he was getting married so quickly and assumed he was in his twenties but he’s actually in his mid-thirties already ㅋㅋ

1. [+1,950, -30] The only normal members of TVXQ

2. [+1,736, -15] Changmin-ah, congratulations~~~~~~~~!!

3. [+1,470, -21] So cool.. it’s just a wedding news announcement but he still makes it seem so cool!! Have a happy life!!!!

4. [+97, -1] Imagine living such an upright life that both the public and fans are so happy for you. I’m so grateful and touched, I’m about to tear up ㅠ

5. [+96, -5] Birds of a feather is a true statement. The JYJ members have been hitting rock bottom for a while now with real estate, business, and drug issues, while the remaining two have been working hard without any issues. This is why birds of a feather flock together.

7. [+94, -4] No scandals, quiet relationship, and now marriage.. proves these two are the final bosses of TVXQ.

8. [+90, -1] Over 15 years of no scandals… how comparable to the JYJ members

9. [+73, -1] I’m jealous of the woman

10. [+69, -1] An idol is getting married but everyone in the comments is full of praise and congratulations.. ㅎㅎ he must’ve lived quite the good life in the industry. Congratulations~

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