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Illegal outdoor billboard by BTS’ Chinese ARMYs… Yongsan Office announces administrative handling

According to media reports on June 1st, the outdoor billboard advertisement installed by BTS’s V’s Chinese fan club ‘Baidu Vbar’ is in fact illegal. The said advertisement was put up on the building right across the HYBE Label’s building in Yongsan, Seoul.

The government official commented, “Any outdoor billboard advert should be put up only after getting approval or registration, depending on its size and kind, per current billboard advertising laws.”

The said advertisement has already been put on week-long probation by the office of Yongsan district for violating the law, and they will be fined if they don’t abide. The official has said, “Usually an illegal outdoor billboard would have month-long probation but in this case, we’ve been receiving many complaints related to it due to its massive size so we’re trying to carry out the law as soon as possible.” cr

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1. I thought it was a great billboard in the best spot, but it’s illegal ㅠㅠ

2. If it’s illegal, just take it down..

3. Isn’t it the fault of the owner of the building?

4. Baidu Vbar said they paid the owner of the building to hang the banner. It was done because the owner of the building allowed it. It’s not the foreign fans’ fault, it’s the building’s owner’s fault

5. The problem is that the owner of the building accepted it… Foreign fans probably don’t know it’s illegal

6. If it’s illegal, I think the building owner or the advertising agency is weird… Shouldn’t they refuse it? The fans won’t do it without permission

7. Don’t do anything illegal.. That has a bad effect on idols

8. The public doesn’t care if this ad is illegal or not.. Don’t pretend to be a muggle.. You guys just try to criticize BTS and their fans as soon as you get the chance

9. I didn’t know it was illegal, I guess the Chinese fans didn’t know either

10. There are many haters pretending to be muggles

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