Chinese idols continue leaving the K-Pop industry to return to China ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: How much have the Chinese idols who left Korea made?… ‘jaw dropping’ 

Source: Hankyung via Naver

1. [+3,420, -26] So why pick Chinese idols? Just don’t~ Stop adding Chinese or Japanese members to idol groups, there are enough talented kids in Korea already. I’d rather American or European gyopos than these guys who are only out to steal our system.

2. [+1,010, -25] Surely our companies knew that they’d eventually go back to their home countries, right??? Why not just train Koreans who live abroad and debut them here or just discover home grown talent?

3. [+677, -5] This would all be solved if we stopped accepting Chinese trainees!

4. [+310, -4] Just stop turning Chinese trainees into celebrities

5. [+77, -0] BTS has spread out into the world without any foreign members. I understand that the Chinese market is big and that having Chinese members help but K-Pop is beyond the point where we need China anymore. It’s popular enough in other countries. We’ve suffered enough betrayals, it’s time to stop with accepting Chinese members…

6. [+71, -1] Why is this only being brought up now? It’s not like this is new news. The Chinese are even claiming the hanbok, kimchi, and even Son Heung Min as theirs. It’s best to just cut all ties with them. And I’m sure you all know that the Chinese are ruining the Korean real estate market. People are so pre-occupied with boycotting Japan but need to wake up and see what’s happening with China.

7. [+47, -0] There’s a reason why the US is trying to destroy Huawei~ they’re attacking BTS and Black Pink anyway, what do we have to play nice for? Just send all the Chinese trainees home. We have enough evidence and prior experience to back it up~

8. [+29, -5] Chinese idols will betray you no matter what. Even if they’re only B-list in Korea, they can use their K-Pop fame to make it to A-list in China and make a ton more money there. Heck, I’d leave too. Only Japanese idols won’t betray you because the Japanese market doesn’t really care if you were formerly a K-Pop idol. If groups are going to include foreign members, may as well just make it Japanese. There’s less chance of them leaving.

9. [+19, -0] I guess it’s fortunate that at most, the Chinese are only able to grab the lower tier idols as coaches for their celebrity training shows ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ They’ll never be able to surpass Korean pop culture

10. [+17, -0] Contracts have no meaning to these kids. They’re only here to get Korean training to take back to China and terminate their contracts after. I don’t care about other countries but please stop accepting trainees from China.

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