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CNN reports on Lisa “ban” in China after X-rated “nude” show in Paris

ArticleIs it because of the X-rated ‘nude’ show in Paris?.. Blackpink Lisa’s Chinese Weibo account closed

Source: Joongang Ilbo

CNN and others are reporting on Blackpink Lisa‘s Weibo account ban in China.

On the 1st, media noted that Lisa’s account was deleted after appearing on famous X-rated adult-theme ‘nude’ show in Paris. Currently, when you try to access Lisa’s account a notice appears saying, “This account can no longer be viewed because a report has been received for violating laws, regulations, and Weibo account management rules” and you’re immediately forwarded to the main page.

CNN stated, “It’s not clear what complaints were filed. Chinese internet companies regularly suspend or delete accounts for violating country’s numerous censorship regulations or simply for causing too much controversy. Lisa’s Weibo account suspension began after she appeared at ‘Crazy Horse’ performance in Paris in September. Lisa’s performance caused controversy in conservative Asia.”

The added, “Non-Korean Blackpink member Lisa is especially popular in China. On Weibo, there’s a fierce debate for and against Lisa’s appearance on the show.”

Chinese netizens said, “Lisa is quite talented, why did she appear on a Crazy Horse shows??” “The account should’ve been closed sooner!” Lisa is still very popular on Weibo even after appearing at Crazy Horse..” “You can criticize her appearance but that doesn’t mean her account should be banned!”

Meanwhile, Blackpink Jisoo, Jennie, and Rosé‘s Weibo accounts are still available and active.

  1. [+524, -26] It feels like she’s trying to cut off and abandon YG and Korea because she’s leaving.. I’m not even interested, could care less about her anymore
  2. [+282, -9] Who’s worried about some Thai kid  ㅎ.ㅎ
  3. [+281, -54] She used our country to prop herself up but could care less now.. she’s barely a grasshopper in season.. from now on no more SEA kids in idol groups!!
  4. [+187, -29] Ugly.. I honestly don’t understand why she’s popular.. your typical common face you can find on all SEA streets!
  5. [+163, -10] Even Song Tae-nam can’t open a Weibo account. 
  6. [+125, -13] She used our Korea and our K-pop!!
  7. [+74, -1] Let’s stick with Koreans only for our K-pop!! She was only able to rise in status even as a SEA Thai because our country.. just look at BTS, as long as they have skills and are Korean, they’ll gain fame. There are other non-Korean idols who are more talented… nugu? 
  8. [+53, -1] Does she think she’ll be able to maintain her popularity without the YG and Blackpink tag?? She’ll be a nugu in a few years, no one will even know her name.
  9. [+48, -3] I just don’t get it, why an X-rated nude strip show??! All SEA women always default to selling their bodies for s*x
  10. [+37, -2] If she hadn’t come to Korea and gained fame and celebrity status no one even in Khaosan Road Bangkok would recognize her in the streetsㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  11. [+29, -1] The end for all foreigner idol kids is always the same!!
  12. [+27, -5] We took in a Thai country bumpkin, raised her up and got backstabbed again.. no more foreigner idol kids!!
  13. [+25, -3] Ah.. this Thai dirt spoon really came here and backstabbed us ~ Lisa-ya, we saw your pre-surgery pictures alreadyㅋ~ she should’ve stayed still. Why go on a stripper show to end up ridiculed like thisㅋㅋㅋ.

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