Coca Cola demands compensation over MC Kang Daniel’s “rude” comments during ‘Street Man Fighter’

Article: Official sponsor is Coca Cola.. MC Kang Daniel who shouted rival products during live broadcast

Source: Chosun Ilbo

Producer CJ ENM is troubled by an unprecedented broadcast accident.

On the 8th, following MC Kang Daniel‘s “rude” comments during ‘Street Man Fighter‘ where he shouted rival product ‘Trevi‘ during a live broadcast, the main advertiser and official sponsor of carbonated water ‘Seagram‘ has demanded compensation. 

Coca Cola, one of the major sponsors paying hundreds of millions of won in advertising costs for the program is demanding compensation as their “Seagram” products were constantly exposed in the broadcast however during the finale, MC Kang Daniel openly promoted a rival product and stated immediately after the mistake, “I’m kidding. Ok, maybe I’m half serious.”

CJ ENM deleted the remarks from their ‘replay’ service however Coca Cola, who was inevitably displeased, has demanded compensation from CJ ENM as they were in charge of production and broadcasting. The industry’s attention is focused on whether such a request would be accepted as normally a PPL sponsor sets the number of times and time of product exposure and the conditions for compensation in case the contract is not fulfilled.

An official from the distribution industry stated, “The MC that made the remarks is not party to the PPL contract so the problem can be complicated. Given that CJ ENM, Coca Cola, and Kang Daniel each have a high level of brand power in the industry, a 3-way battle for responsibility can escalate into a battle of pride.”

Meanwhile, CJ ENM revealed on the 14th, “We have reached an amicable agreement with Coca Cola. However, we cannot disclose details of the agreement.”

Coca Cola did not comment on the matter. 

  1. [+6,049, -55] Is this a joke? ㅋㅋㅋ Why not file a civil suit and demand compensation from the right party? What kind of broadcast doesn’t have those things built into the contractㅋㅋ?
  2. [+4,095, -35] Instead of Kang Daniel drinking a Coca Cola, he ended up smearing sh*t on his own face. He messed up to this level so I wonder who would want to use him as MC now. What he did was pathetic and incomprehensible.
  3. [+1,382, -16] This is no matter to play with. He’s either empty headed or thoughtless.. or both.
  4. [+971, -37] Eh, this is a no brainer? He sh*t on his own face.
  5. [+458, -3] I thought it was a mistake too but then he said, “It’s a joke, ok maybe I’m half serious..?” People like that need to get kicked off the industry.
  6. [+414, -4] When I look at Kang Daniel, I honestly feel that he’s empty brained. 
  7. [+216, -6] He’s in the final stages of his celebrity disease and thinks he’s a sought after MC.. he’s mistaken if he thinks the world revolves around him. 
  8. [+164, -0] He probably thought it was easy since that’s how he got popular.. he doesn’t get it. 
  9. [+162, -1] Amicably settled with Coca Cola = became a blacklist in the CF industryㅋ
  10. [+157, -12] There are so many ways he could’ve gone about it.. he must’ve shouted that intentionally?
  11. [+124, -4] I knew he would implode someday… singing, dancing, eh, I seriously don’t know what his talents are.. 
  12. [+102, -7] Stop using him.
  13. [+51, -1] To go as far as to say “I’m kidding.. ok, maybe I’m half serious..” seriously how could he make a mistake like that? 
  14. [+43, -2] Kang Daniel deserves to get hit for this ㅋㅋ

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