Controversy continues for the neglected state of G-Dragon’s pet dogs ~ Netizen Buzz

Source: Asia Econ via Nate

Netizen staying at G-Dragon’s parent’s pension: “Gaho had a lot of tears in his eyes because of his eyelashes poking him. I felt bad because he looked like he was so out of strength. Shar-peis are known to have a lot skin diseases and sensitivity to temperature. This is not a breed that should be kept outside. Dogs need to have their nails trimmed regularly because it grows into their veins. If you let it grow out too long, you run the risk of cutting into their veins and causing them to bleed. As for Jolie, I don’t know who picked up my call but when I called the pension and asked about Jolie, they said the reason she wasn’t there was because she left through a door left open and disappeared.” 

1. [+1,571, -22] He had no problem bringing them on TV and getting spotlight for them when they were young and cute, but now that the dogs are old and big, he’s neglecting them to the point of animal abuse. I guess these animals were nothing more than fashion items to GD. What was he thinking adopting another pure-bred cat recently? So he can neglect it at his pension once it’s older?

2. [+1,446, -20] He’s rich enough to just hire someone to manage them… I feel so bad for the look in the dogs’ eyes ㅠㅠ

3. [+1,190, -17] Please don’t be like this to animals…

4. [+114, -1] This idiot seems to be out of it sanity wise. He seems to think animals are just another accessory. I can’t believe he was an animal abuser all this time. He had no problem bringing them everywhere when they were young and cute but now he’s neglecting them because they’re big and hard to handle. He’s a terrible person.

5. [+103, -1] It’s clear that he adopted these dogs without much thought either out of loneliness or because he thought of them as accessories… and then sent them off to his parents’ pension in Seoul after they got bigger and harder to handle. That’s basically throwing them away ㅠㅠ Now he’s living in Hannamdong with a new cat in a lavish lifestyle… I have never said a word of hate to him as a fan but this is honestly really disappointing ㅠㅠ

6. [+76, -1] This guy is trash

7. [+71, -1] The deeper you dig into Big Bang, the more horror stories you uncover

8. [+70, -1] What’s the point of having so much money when your brain is filled with nothing but sh*t? How can you be this inconsiderate towards a dog you raised since it was a baby? No loyalty, no responsibility.

9. [+66, -1] I can tell people are being lenient in the comments because it’s GD but I bet if this was any other celebrity, this would’ve been a bigger mess

10. [+64, -1] There is no good human being out of anyone who treats animals like this

11. [+58, -1] This controversy would’ve never happened if he had any love for his animals at all. I’m really disappointed in him as a human being.

12. [+40, -2] His drug issue is one thing but I had no idea that his character would be this bad too. He truly is a thug.

13. [+39, -1] I’m so disappointed..

Source: Star Today via Nate

1. [+155, -1] I mean, does he really not want to spend any of his vast wealth on Gaho? Or hire someone to take care of him? And apparently Jolie’s lost too;; He has no right to own any pets. I can’t believe he adopted another cat too. He’s just trash.

2. [+129, -0] He’s trash, I’m super disappointed in him

3. [+116, -1] Aigoo, a pet is not only a pet when it’s cute… this is just… so unfortunate

4. [+21, -0] This ba$tard is showing his true colors… you can tell a lot about a person from how they treat animals..!!

5. [+16, -0] This makes me so much angrier because I used to be a fan… I’m so disappointed ㅠㅠ

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