‘Crash Landing On You’ star Lee Shin Young accused of iljin past ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: ‘Crash Landing On You’ Lee Shin Young under suspicion of school bullying… “he’s an iljin whose name everyone knew in his hometown”

Source: Top Star News via Nate

1. [+1,046, -56] This is the #1 most searched right now. He should put out an official statement, leave the drama, and stay out of the industry for good.

2. [+887, -17] If this is true, he better put out an apology fast… or sue for libel…

3. [+762, -37] If it’s true, leave the drama. If they’re lying, sue them.

4. [+91, -1] Gotta live kind lives, people. You never know when it’ll come back to you. I’m a huge fan of the drama so this is a big deal ㅡㅡ I guess I’ll have to change the channel for now.

5. [+87, -1] If it’s true, I don’t know what he was thinking by becoming a celebrity. Live your life in reflection.

6. [+85, -4] There has never been an iljin post that didn’t end up being true. All I’m going to say.

7. [+76, -1] I dared to call him a ‘little Kim Soo Hyun’ but if it’s true that he was a bully, there’s no going back from that. He better screw off from the industry!

8. [+61, -0] Celebrity images are all an illusion

9. [+48, -0] All the teens who are acting like they’re hot sh*t, bullying people weaker than them… look at this. It will all come back to you in the future. Right when you’re about to hit success, it’ll grab you by the ankles~

10. [+46, -0] His agency is better off dropping him ㅋㅋ they’ll never be sure whether he can become a top star or not

11. [+44, -1] Not like he had a lot of camera time in the drama but it’s going to be annoying having to edit him out~

12. [+28, -0] Aigoo, Kwangbum-ah…

13. [+27, -1] Iljins love calling it an “immature moment” in their lives but for their victims, it’s a lifetime of trauma. It changes you as a person. I hope that all iljins get to experience what it feels like to be hated for no reason at all.

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