“Crazy crazy crazy” Netizens react to BLACKPINK “Shut Down” MV Teaser

BLACKPINK “Shut Down” MV Teaser – 2022.09.16 1PM (KST)

1. I got goosebumps after listening to the first second

2. Crazy crazy crazy

3. Damn, I’m looking forward to it

4. I think the song will be so good

5. I’m going crazy, my heart is pounding

6. Hul, this is a song that I can’t imagine

7. La Campanella ㅠㅠ BLACKPINK is daebak

8. Do you hear the violin? It gives me goosebumps

9. Wow, I’m really looking forward to it… I keep repeating it

10. I never thought they would put a classic in there, seriously crazy

11. No, I got goosebumps as soon as I heard Rosé’s voice

12. The song is crazy, it’s already legendary

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