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Article: Intense idol choreographies that break your heart

Source: Idol Issue via Instagram [choreography clips in source]

1. [+160] I came in here to see NCT’s and left feeling shocked over BTS… their dance makes me worried for the health of all of their bodies

2. [+139] The part in ‘Dionysus’ where they all fall was too much ㅠㅠ

3. [+121] NCT needs to protect their knees

4. [+107] Honestly, the ‘Dionysus’ choreography was a bit dangerous. They’d dance on top of a moving desk and then jump off, fall in a straight line, sit and then get up… a lot of strenuous physical moves

5. [+62] ‘Dionysus’ is an art form from the lyrics to the stage. I need to make sure to see it live while I’m still young enough to enjoy it…

6. [+56] I thought they were taking it easy when I saw the choreography for ‘Boy With Luv’ until I saw ‘Dionysus’ and I realized that was not the case at all…

7. [+41] And this is why Taeyong and the other kids are always injuring their ankles and backs ㅠㅠ it looks cool but let’s please put their healths first…

8. [+38] TXT has a really intense choreography as well, it makes me tear up

9. [+30] NCT’s knees ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ please

10. [+25] They’re always giving NCT the toughest choreographies knowing that they can pull it off…

11. [+13] TXT’s choreography makes me question if the intent is to kill them off

12. [+17] Please take care of Lee Taeyong’s back and Park Jisung’s knees

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