Defense Minister orders a “public opinion poll” to finally resolve BTS mandatory enlistment controversy

ArticleBTS, military issue is finally over.. Defense Minister, “We ‘ll draw conclusions from opinion polls”

Source: Sports Chosun

The Defense Minister has issued an order to finally resolve the BTS military controversy.

On the morning of the 31st, Defense Minister Lee Jong-seop announced at National Assembly Defense Committee, “This morning I ordered my staff to conduct a public opinion poll quickly. The poll will be conducted by a third party institution rather than a related ministry to ensure fairness.”

He added, “We will set a deadline and make a decision.”

Under the current military service law, those who excel in popular culture and arts can defer enlistment until age 30. Since BTS received the Order of Cultural Merit and member Jin was born in 1992, he can only postpone his military service until the end of this year.

Meanwhile, fans and HYBE are urging lawmakers to make a decision as soon as possible. 

  1. [+1,289, -48] Just cleanly go to the army. Aren’t you working and earning money on your own?
  2. [+521, -20] Cleanly’s not even a long time. With what right are you putting out messages to society that it’s ok not to do your civic duty?
  3. [+472, -11] Aigoo.. this Defense Minister must really have nothing to do;
  4. [+345, -13] No… what kind of nonsense is this?? So just because they’ve got a few fans who like them and have made some money as singers they get special perks to evade military? Is there anyone that doesn’t work hard in life? Do your military duty!! Why.. are there plans to let Yoo Seung-jun enter Korea too? 
  5. [+180, -13] I’m a proud of BTS and all but they’re healthy males and Korean citizens.. I hope they’ll fulfill their duty. 
  6. [+131, -2] This reminds me of a 22 yr old that was the only guardian of his 7 year old brother. He was head of the family with no one else to look after him and had to put him in an orphanage until he concluded his military. The poor thing kept crying for his hyung not to go, it was really heartbreaking to see. The MMA doesn’t even give exemptions to those who deserve it but they’re trying to exempt celebrities who earn tens of billions of dollars a year?! A public opinion poll? Might as well give them special exemptions directly f*ck
  7. [+78, -0] Have celebrities ever been held at knife point and sent threats to become celebrities?Regular males are subject to such threats under the law to enlist.
  8. [+78, -3] So now we’re making decisions about civic duty through polls.. if that’s the case Yoon Tong who has a 30% approval rating needs to step down.. anyone including Defense Secretary who doesn’t meet 50% threshold needs to quit their jobs!
  9. [+58, -0] BTS needs to enlist on their own… they already earned so money at such a young age and can retire comfortably at any moment. What else is left for them to do anyway..
  10. [+56, -7] How can you poll something like that??! For how long does BTS think they can keep hiding behind public opinion? F*cking cowards… really 

Additional source: Newsis

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