Dispatch leaks email that reveals Lee Soo-man was “betrayed” and “kicked” by current CEOs + SM staff demand release of “artist” names

Article“Is it love for Lee Soo-man or mistake?”.. Kim Min-jong’s letter to staff amidst headwinds at SM

Source: Dispatch

“All employees and artists are in shock.” (Kim Min-jong)

Singer-actor Kim Min-jong‘s (excessive) love for Lee Soo-man is facing backlash inside SM.

Dispatch has leaked the contents of Kim Min-jong’s letter (email) to staff after the company’s ‘SM 3.0‘ vision to break away from Lee Soo-man’s exclusive production system.

In the leaked email, Kim Min-jong writes, “Contrary to the words announced by the two representatives, they’re cutting off contact with the teacher (Lee Soo-man) and unilaterally kicking him out without any goodbyes or consultations with him. The actions of the two CEOs are the worst betrayal and conspiracy, the type that can only be seen in dramas.”

He added, “All employees and artists are in shock over the series of things the current management is doing. For SM artist activities, teacher Lee Soo-man’s production and insight is absolutely necessary. Please treat him with the respect he deserves.”

However, inside SM, voices in support of the re-organization (SM 3.0) are dominant. 

SM employees are seen retorting back, “Write down the names of the employees and artists then and send us an email. I absolutely do not agree with that opinion.”

On SM’s bulletin board on Blind, internal staff are also in support of SM 3.0.  

Employees are seen writing, “We accept all the reform proposals and agree with the position that we must change for the future.” 

Another employee writes, “It’s difficult for a lot of us to sympathize with the contents of that email. You shouldn’t be drunk with the glory of the past.”

One after another wrote, “So as a company we can’t move without Lee Soo-man’s words??! Our company needs change! Please leave coolly, when we’re clapping hands!!

Meanwhile, Lee Soo-man has been Executive Producer for 27 years since SM founding in 1995. 

  1. [+388, -52] Take down these useless articles!! The rest of us commoners could care less about this!
  2. [+346, -44] How can you as an elder get taken down by your own wife’s nephew??! If you feel so wronged then get out and start your own company. Is he trying to swallow whole someone’s else’s company?? Looks like he’s got traitors and enemies inside his own family.
  3. [+266, -12] This all because Lee Soo-man got too friendly with China trying to realize his Chinese Hollywood dream. 
  4. [+165, -21] Anyone else feel something fishy about this?? Are we sure the Chinese aren’t trying to influence our politics? Kim Min-jong himself can’t grasp the situation with his own blind loyalty. Ah~ looks like the takeover has already happened within SM’s own internal staff.
  5. [+75, -10] His wife’s nephew.. aigoo looks like family quarrels are everywhere including within SM too.
  6. [+55, -1] This is one agency I’m shocked is only exploding now..ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Lee Soo-man is a scammer who siphoned off 160 billion won in profits from SMㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ What kind of producing abilities has he shown recently to deserve the 160 billion won he stole?? I’m honestly in shock the entire Board and shareholders allowed this to go on for so long ㅋㅋ.
  7. [+67, -17] Why is SM, SM? SM = Lee Soo-man but they’re stabbing him in the backs like this?? What’s the point of kicking him out in this manner for some blind “reform.” I’m on Kim Min-jong’s side on this. Reform is necessary but it should be resolved through a legitimate process not through these bullying tactics!
  8. [+38, -6] If they’re that pissed off about Lee Soo-man’s management style and want reform why not go about it the normal way even if its difficult? These backstabbing and sneaky antics are so backward and an old way of doing things. Reforms like this can never be sustained. Honestly this is a world and an era where not just the vision but the process is just as important.
  9. [+25, -5] If it wasn’t for Lee Soo-man do they think they would’ve been able to maintain ‘Big 3’ status in the industry??! These immature staff are brainless and don’t have one clue.. 
  10. [+21, -3] SM is not SM without Lee Soo-man.. that’s like jjinppang (steamed buns) without red bean filling.. 
  11. [+21, -0] Well, first off his blind allegiance to Chinese kids and stupid idol choreos is frustrating.. 
  12. [+19, -0] He has already swallowed whole all the capital he amassed from jjangkaes.. he’s totally a spy dispatched by China.
  13. [+13, -0] Media keep writing articles like the corruption is outside and within our government when the enemy traitors and spies are inside the company itself ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Additional source: Chosun Ilbo

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