Dispatch recordings of Yang Hyun Suk’s “threats” exposed in court + Han Seo-hee DMs and CCTV leaked

Article: Yang Hyun Suk and Han Seo-hee’s “blackmail” transcripts leaked…will it be allowed for submission, ‘high interest’

Source: Maeil Economy

Former YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun Suk has revealed testimony about Han Seo-hee

In the 9th hearing held on the afternoon of the 29th at the Seoul Central District Court, Yang Hyun Suk attended trial for alleged “threats” of public informant and former YG trainee Han Seo-hee over alleged drug purchases by former iKON leader and member B.I (Kim Hanbin). 

At the hearing, witness interrogations were scheduled to be conducted on 3 people including Han’s drug supplier Choi, however, he did not attend court due to “medical treatments.”

The prosecution had announced plans to submit transcripts by media outlet Dispatch mentioned by Han Seo-hee during the 8th trial as evidence. Han Seo-hee attended court as a witness at the time and stated, “I recorded the conversation that happened in 2017-2019 and the recording files with those words (being threatened by Yang Hyun Suk) were included.”

In a related development, the prosecution stated, “The incident occurred in August 2016. We obtained Han Seo-hee’s recording files for 2017 from Dispatch. An in-charge from ‘Spotlight‘ who interviewed Han Seo-hee about Yang Hyun Suk’s threats also said he would submit an affidavit of the recordings.”

But Yang Hyun Suk’s lawyer immediately put brakes on the evidence claiming it was “inappropriate.” 

He stated, “Han Seo-hee underwent 3 months of witness interrogations and there were inconsistencies in her statements and refuted it every time. I wonder whether this evidence is “legitimate” since it’s been a while since interrogations. The victim’s rights are important but the accused’s human rights are just as important. I don’t think that can be counted as a legitimate piece of evidence.”

The prosecution countered, “The prosecution believes Han Seo-hee’s statements are consistent. The lawyer is trying to submit supplementary evidence just because Han’s statements are on and off. It’s hard to accept the defense’s claims that this can not be considered legitimate evidence.”

The presiding judge retorted, “The court will review as there is a dispute over evidence submission.”

Regarding Han Seo-hee claims that Yang Hyun Suk threatened to “kill her off the industry”, Yang’s lawyer argued that she never mentioned the alleged threats during her interviews or whistleblower’s report and that her only interests are money. 

To make their case, ‘Geum‘, a YG road manager and personnel team member was presented as a witness. He previously worked as vocalist for ‘Keep Six‘ produced by Yang Hyun Suk and Park. 

Leaked CCTV of Geum and Han meeting and talking at a café in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu on November 3, 2019 was revealed in court. In the video, Han Seo-hee is seen making hand gestures that allude to “money.”

Geum testified, “I met Han Seo-hee by chance at a café and sat down and talked for about 10 minutes because I knew her. She made that gesture [money] and said that “she has no feelings for Yang Hyun Suk. It was only for the money.” I thought Yang Hyun Suk would want to know about it so I told him. Yang Hyun Suk got angry and said, “Why should I give her money when nothing happened?”

The lawyer then presented pictures of DMs by Yang Hyun Suk, Geum, and another acquaintance Kim through Signal. In the conversation, Yang Hyun Suk says, “any interesting news to share?” Geum shares his conversation with Han Seo-hee that reads, “If (Yang Hyun Suk) gives 1 billion won, I’ll settle with him” and another that says, “use a burner phone otherwise you might get caught by police.”

Geum confirmed to the lawyer that the conversation he had with Yang Hyun Suk was correct.

However, the prosecution questioned the evidence asking why he held onto the “meeting” CCTV on his cell phone for that long and that Yang Hyun Suk intentionally captured the texts while other messages have been deleted for a period of time. The prosecution also claimed that since Geum is close with Yang Hyun Suk, he intentionally did it to create evidence. 

Geum strongly denied the accusations stating, “Not at all.”

  1. [+731, -5] Make sure he’s arrested without probation for the good of our society. Re-investigate Burning Sun too!
  2. [+385, -5] He’s working hard to bury the recordings by asking to make them illegal by law so that chaebol ba$tards like him can cut the tail!
  3. [+351, -6] Re-investigate Burning Sun! We haven’t been able to investigate anything in five years because of the Moon regime! 
  4. [+194, -1] Is he seriously trying to claim the recordings illegal?? For whose benefit?? Cowardly politicians…
  5. [+75, -2] Throw this ba$tard thug in jail already
  6. [+41, -1] Without Seo Tai-ji this trash would’ve never gained fame. Instead of living a quiet humble life, he’s choosing to use his wealth for things like this. I hope he meets a bitter end. 
  7. [+36, -0] Make sure this ba$tard is exiled from the industry!! Re-investigate Burning Sun. 
  8. [+22, -0] This is a prime example of what happens when ignorant street sheep like him are allowed to make money. 
  9. [+15, -0] Whether Han Seo-hee filed a whistleblower report for money or a sense of justice, shouldn’t the debate be whether Yang Hyun Suk tried to bury B.I’s drug case or not? Why attack the whistleblower? He can’t deny the charges so he’s resorting to politician tactics to shoot the messenger ㅋㅋ. Moon retired but his low-quality influence is still prevalent in our country.
  10.  [+6, -1] YG needs to shut it doors! 

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