Dispatch tracks down Suga’s Jim Jones audio file sampling ~ Netizen Buzz

Source: Dispatch via Nate

1. [+585, -73] Whenever a scandal happens with this group, they’re busy hiding behind their agency while their fans are busy shielding them. It doesn’t matter whether they’re famous worldwide or not, what he did was thoughtless.

2. [+539, -74] I’m an Army but I hope that Suga will personally clarify + apologize for this.

3. [+463, -49] Jim Jones was truly a devil. I don’t know much about hip hop or BTS but I know that Jim Jones was one of the worst cult leaders in history. He led 900 people into a poison suicide, and remains as one of the events with the most deaths at once in American history before 9/11. It’s probably still one of the worst suicide scandals of history. So for Suga to have a song with one of the worst cult leaders in history included in his song…

4. [+89, -9] Jungkook denied his scandal at first too. Looks like they’ll just start off with a lie. You won’t last long if you lie to the public like this.

5. [+72, -6] Let’s first learn how to apologize. Do they not see that nothing good comes out of causing trouble and then having others apologize on your behalf?

6. [+65, -13] BTS is sure blowing up these days~~ from Itaewon to this, how will their stupid fangirls shield this now?

7. [+63, -4] So out of the 100 or so samplings available, they coincidentally picked Jim Jones, and even though it says Jim Jones right there in the description, no one thought to read it and that’s what led to all of this? Because fans kept up with their weird shields, their agency has no choice but to say they didn’t know, which just makes it worse for them in the end.

8. [+56, -9] This just so sad. Before the scandal, Suga went around saying he did everything, from producing to writing and all, but now with the scandal, he’s acting like he’s not at fault because someone else did it. The way they’re handling this actually makes BTS look nothing like the world class we’ve come to know them as. This is disappointing, especially since I thought they were true to themselves in their love for music, but they’re not.

9. [+48, -7] Fans, stop shielding this;;;; out of all those files, they specifically chose the 52nd and 96th files. What did Dispatch do wrong? You’re the ones who shielded this all weirdly.

10. [+45, -2] ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Fans should stop and think about who produced the song and who fanned the fire on this scandal

11. [+37, -9] Aren’t you fans even embarrassed to be calling this an apology? Suga himself has said nothing, the only explanation they put out was blaming the producer for not knowing about the audio.

12. [+37, -6] The fire was fanned by the fans and their weird shields. Why would they try to act as if this was intentional?

13. [+36, -3] The fact that Suga didn’t bother to check any of this when it’s his own song means he has no pride in his music at all.

14. [+34, -6] Even Dispatch knew it was ridiculous for them to say that they didn’t know what the audio was from when they used it which is why they went into a detailed explanation of how to find it ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

15. [+32, -6] Suga promoted the album like he did everything but then went to hide behind his agency after the scandal broke out and is yet to be seen again. And to think he’s turning 30 soon…

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