DSP loses lawsuit against Lee Hyunjoo’s high school classmate, plans to file petition ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: Police rule against DSP’s lawsuit against post claiming Lee Hyunjoo was bullied as “unfounded rumors”, OP is innocent

Source: Insight via Instagram

Lee Hyunjoo’s high school classmate had written a post claiming that she was bullied by April. DSP filed a lawsuit against the OP claiming that it was false, but police found the OP innocent.

1. [+1,064] DSP still hasn’t woken up

2. [+711] What did Hyunjoo do to deserve any of this ㅠㅠ

3. [+515] Yes, I knew the OP wasn’t lying. Poor Hyunjoo and her family for having to deal with this. It must’ve been so hard to hold all of this in.

4. [+237] What is up with DSP?

5. [+182] Why would anyone want to join DSP anymore?

6. [+205] Bye bye April

7. [+90] All this would take is one proper apology

8. [+76] So what’s left for DSP? A future of sh*t stained roads?

9. [+27] This is so pathetic and sad

10. [+94] DSP should’ve been taken down as a company with their whole KARA scandal. Without CEO Lee Ho Yeon, they’re not going to last much longer after this. April, KARD, whatever – all that aside, just shut the company down. It’s a miracle that Rainbow managed to get out on their own without any trouble from DSP’s end.

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