DSP to launch new boy group ‘Mirae’ in March ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: DSP to release new 7 member boy group Mirae ‘Future Boy’ in March

Source: Idol Issue via Instagram

1. [+184] Their group name is Future Boy…? Will their fandom name be Conan?

2. [+54] What is that group name..?

3. [+36] But really, what’s up with their group name

4. [+23] What is that group name..? 

5. [+17] Why is their group name Future Boy and why is their logo just the initials of it?

6. [+15] Wait, is DSP crazy? Why is their name Future Boy.. even a dog would laugh at that

7. [+9] Finally, Dongpyo is getting to debut. But f*ck, is this the best name they could come up with?

8. [+5] Dongpyo-ya, run away

9. [+2] ?? Is this really the best name DSP could come up with? Future Boy?? I seriously thought I misread it at first…

10. [+1] Everyone, remember when we were all shocked at hearing Bulletproof Boys’ name the first time.. we all reacted the same way to Bulletproof Boys.. so.. I’m sure we can adjust to Future Boy..

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