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 Article: English radio host claims to have “eaten fried dog meat in Korea”, netizens respond “English attention seeker”

Source: Financial News via Naver

1. [+4,450, -8] She obviously lied so she could drum up interest for her radio show but she picked the wrong to say. There is no fried dog meat in Korea, and even if there were, it would never have been mixed in with fried chicken like she’s claiming. Dog meat is way more expensive per kilogram than chicken meat, no restaurant owner would be insane enough to mix up the two. The English should demand a fact check on her claims, though I doubt it will amount to much against people like her since she seems the type to just scream that she’s right until her last breath.

2. [+2,484, -6] Even Koreans have never had fried dog meat, where did she acquire it at all?

3. [+1,242, -9] Wait, fried dog meat exists? Why is she trying to bring our country down by making up a malicious lie like that?

4. [+914, -4] I’ve lived 40 years in Korea but.. I’ve never heard of fried dog meat ㅋㅋ what an innovative new way to wh*re for attention

5. [+818, -1] An unfounded lie

6. [+558, -6] I would understand if she claimed the meat was boiled or steamed but I have never heard of it being fried

7. [+374, -3] Fried dog meat does not exist in our country and never will. This woman is a mentally ill liar.

8. [+344, -3] How did she eat something that even Koreans don’t know exists? ㅋ

9. [+171, -1] She claims it’s common… but I’ve never seen it. Where did she eat this elusive dish? In her own home?

10. [+154, -1] Have any of you heard of fried dog meat? I’m 50 and have never heard of it in my life.

11. [+148, -1] I bet you 100% that she misunderstood ‘dak’ (chicken) for ‘dog’

12. [+124, -1] Never in my life have I heard of fried dog meat in our country

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