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[enter-talk/instiz] JANG WONYOUNG IS F*CKING COOL

“Yesterday, she went to the Philippines and spent 10 hours MCing the award show, and as soon as it was over, she went back to Korea and MCed another award show for another 5 hours, and in the meantime, she was practicing while watching the script, and in the middle of the show, she was even doing fanservice. How did she maintain her sparkly eyes all that time?.. If it were me, I’d already had dead fish eyes.”

Obviously, she is hard working but she really looks like a pro who loves her job which is so cool..

post response:


1. [+74, -5]

I like Wonyoungie…

2. [+65, -10]

Honestly, we need to strike those people hating on this baby

3. [+53 -5]

If you’re an office worker, isn’t it like working 12 hours and then come back the next day and work overtime?

4. [+46, -6]

She has the skills for MCing too. She did well and was so pretty..

5. [+35, -5]

The way she’s so cheerful is so cute



1. The one with the black hairband is too cute. It seriously suits herㅠ

2. I like seeing Wonyoungie so much but… she must be so tired

3. My eyes are in comfort all thanks to princess

4. It’s seriously impressive how she didn’t look tired at all….

5. Even I felt tired watching the award show in the corner of my room but seeing her MC for 2 days in a row….ㅠㅠㅠ impressive

6. Ah baby princess is too pretty ㅜㅜㅜ

7. Seriously impressive.. she doesn’t seem human in a good way. She’s the perfect celebrity. I hope she takes care of her mentality

8. She must be so tiredㅜㅜㅠ rest a full day baby princess..

9. She’s seriously a pro-idol and a celestial-idol…

10. Wonyoungie must seriously be so tired but she never made it obvious which is so pretty and commendable of her

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