“Everyone who has it” Lee Hye-young, who is transcendent, is open to the Han River Viewer?

Lee Hye-young, who visited Lee Ji-hye’s house at ‘Same Bed, Different Dreams 2: You Are My Dest’, was drawn.
Lee Hyon-yi recalled being nervous about her husband Hong Seong-gi’s mother-in-law’s visit and getting married.

Moon Jae-wan and Lee Ji-hye were drawn in SBS entertainment ‘Sangsangmong Season 2 – You Are My Destiny’ on the 4th.

Lee Ji-hye visited Moon Jae-wan company on the day and found out that he had reported the news before the expansion of the office.
Lee Ji-hye, who discovered Moon Jae-wan’s cell phone, which was used in the old days while organizing the luggage, opened the Pandora box saying, “Let’s see if there are any records of old girlfriends.”
Moon Jae-wan said, “I erased everything,” and actually the cell phone was turned off and the crisis was avoided.

I moved back home.
When Moon Jae-wan said, “Where is my space?” Lee Ji-hye declared, “What is the importance of my space, and what is the importance of my space?”

When Moon Jae-wan said, “Let’s sell a luxury bag,” Lee Ji-hye said, “I will have a big sister who can be a shatek, and I will give it to her sister.

Lee Ji-hye mentioned Lee Hye-young as the big hand in fashion. She is also a singer and is also a styling gold-skinned artist, including Espa, Red Velvet and Shakra.

As soon as I arrived at my house, Lee Hye-young said, “I will see my house across from the Han River View.” I went to the window and said, “I can see it, the tall building next to the big building, I can see it.”

Back to the main point, Lee Ji-hye took out the bag of the luxury ‘C’ and started selling to Lee Hye-young.
However, unlike expected, Lee said, “I do not live, I do not have a desire, I did not do well.”

Kim Gura, who saw this, said, “I am a person who is transcendent of Lee Hye-young (I bought it as much as I live). However, Lee Hye-young said that he wanted to have a microphone.

Lee Ji-hye said, “I think it is a relationship,” and said, “My husband also said that he did not like his lovers if he married, and he was a mate of fate who saved each other.”

Moon Jae-wan, who was next to me, said, “I originally did not want to meet entertainers for the first time.” Lee Ji-hye said, “My groom likes me as an entertainer, and I look proud when people look at me.”

Lee Hye-young said, “I went on a trip to Cannes with my husband, and I was invited to the party with Ko So Young and Jang Dong-gun at the time.” When I thought that my husband was a production team, Moon Jae-wan said, “I know that I am my wife manager.”

Lee Hyon-yi and Hong Sung-gi were drawn. Lee Hyon-yi prepared ribs and verses from morning, saying that important VIP guests were coming. Top Model seniors would come.

In the meantime, a guest arrived: Hong Sang-gi’s biological mother-in-law, Lee Hyon-yi’s mother-in-law.
Lee Hyon-yi completed the food for Model senior mother-in-law, made a steamed ribs and all had a delicious meal.

At this time, Hong Sung-ki asked her mother about Lee Hyon-yi’s first impression at the time of her marriage meeting, and Lee Hyon-yi’s simo said, “I will be honest, I did not like the entertainer Daughter-in-law.”

I asked about my current 10-year Daughter-in-law, asking with a lie detector, and the answer to Lee Hyon-yi was false.
Shimo said, “This is broken, I am proud of Daughter-in-law a lot.” He was embarrassed and later said that he loved his son was a lie.

‘Same Bed, Different Dreams 2: You Are My Dest’ captures the broadcast screen

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