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“Ewha Womans University’s Kim Hee-sun”, who once dreamed of becoming a lawyer, now has become like this 

Actress Seo Min-jung, known for her role in “High Kick!”, shocked the public by announcing her marriage 16 years ago, stepping away from the height of her fame

Before entering the entertainment industry, Seo Min-jung had a surprising past. Having graduated from Ewha Womans University – Bachelor of Laws, she was called “Ewha Womans University’s Kim Hee-sun”. Originally aspiring to be an announcer, she gave up the dream due to being told that her height would make it difficult. She then pursued law at Ewha Womans University.

Seo Min-jung

Debuting as a VJ on cable channel NTV in 2000, Seo Min-jung gained popularity with her trademark smile and bright expression. At the time, she had a large fan base, even rivaling popular girl groups like S.E.S. and Fin.K.L. Her role as “Noh Min-jung” in SBS’s sitcom “Honest Living” gained her popularity, but subsequent attempts at serious acting received mixed reviews.

In 2006, her breakthrough came with the sitcom “High Kick!”, which recorded a remarkable 24.2% viewership rating. This propelled her to stardom alongside co-stars like Park Min-young, Jung Il-woo, Kim Bum and Chansung, who all started their careers with this show.

Among the many characters, Seo Min-jung’s portrayal of clumsy English teacher “Seo Min-jung” stood out. She received numerous love calls for advertisements, proving her popularity.

Seo Min-jung

Despite initial awkwardness, their love grew. Ahn Sang-hoon temporarily closed his dental clinic in the U.S. to visit Seo Min-jung in Korea, showing his deep commitment.

Seo Min-jung confessed that she decided to marry him because he was a source of strength during difficult times. However, announcing her marriage when her career was thriving left a slight sense of regret. Nevertheless, she expressed gratitude for the love she received before getting married.

Seo Min-jung

On family-oriented programs like “Same Bed, Different Dreams”, “Wife’s Taste” and “The Stranger”, she showcased her sweet married life with husband Ahn Sang-hoon and their daughter Ahn Ye-jin. Currently residing in Manhattan, USA, where her husband’s dental clinic is located, Seo Min-jung occasionally shares glimpses of her life through SNS.

Recently, she celebrated her daughter’s 15th birthday, expressing deep affection on social media. Although not frequently seen on Korean broadcasts due to her overseas residence, fans hope to continue witnessing her positive energy and bright personality in the future.

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