EXID’s Hyelin terminates her contract ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: [Exclusive] EXID Hyelin joins the free agent market… “Recently terminated contract”

Source: X Sports News via Nate

1. [+769, -25] When EXID wasn’t doing well in the beginning, she was kind enough to get a part-time job so she could buy her members some snacks… I wish her the best, wherever she goes!

2. [+447, -61] Hani really kept EXID afloat

3. [+311, -44] I feel like she’ll go down the KARA Nicole path…

4. [+36, -9] I’m a PD who worked on the same program as Hyelin-ssi. She has a heart as pure as her face, and I wish nothing but the best for her. I support you!

5. [+28, -7] What do you mean Hani did all the work… If you listen to their music, you can’t have the group without Hyelin

6. [+22, -3] She’s good on variety shows, I wish her the best

7. [+20, -6] I don’t know… she had the least presence for me. It’s all about presence with celebrities, it’s how you get one more camera shot and one more chance for the public to see you.

8. [+14, -4] She was always overshadowed by Solji but her vocals are better than most girl group main vocals

9. [+14, -3] I guess the group’s over then

10. [+13, -1] It’s not even contract expired, it’s contract terminated

11. [+10, -1] I guess even EXID can’t survive

12. [+9, -2] I think she’d be good on variety shows

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