EXO vs BTS, which group has better average visuals?

EXO – vote up
BTS – vote down

[+946, -770]

1. [+586, -374] Jungkook vs Baekhyun, who do you like? Jungkook – vote up, Baekhyun – vote down

2. [+473, -190] Average visuals? Then there are too many holes in BTS, at least none in EXO

3. [+388, -453] So is there any EXO member who can beat V in terms of visuals?ㅋㅋ

4. [+252, -41] You should kneel down and apologize to EXO

5. [+202, -25] Are you honest about BTS’ visuals..?

6. [+188, -107] Who is more handsome? Jin vs Chanyeol

7. [+135, -19] I’m not their fan, but EXO is overwhelming. BTS has a lot of holes

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