Eyewitnesses reveal Song Joong-ki visited an “OBGYN” with his “foreign” girlfriend + more dating pictures leaked

Article: Song Joong-ki, ‘Chaebol House’, acknowledges a forgotten love… ♥ British girlfriend’s marriage and pregnancy rumors [Comprehensive]

Source: Xports News

More speculations are pouring out about actor Song Joong-ki‘s relationship. 

Following confirmation from his agency about his “relationship with a woman,” more rumors are pouring out. After it was revealed that his lover was British, various sightings of her began pouring out. 

According to published eyewitness accounts, Song Joong-ki enjoyed dating his lover without hiding it. 

It’s known that Song Joong-ki accompanied his girlfriend even when she entered the country at Incheon Airport after concluding overseas promotions for his JTBC drama ‘Reborn Rich‘ that recently ended. 

In particular, before rumors of dating were raised, there were witness accounts that Song Joong-ki visited an obgyn with a foreign actress that spread in an online community that led to the marriage and pregnancy rumors. 

Meanwhile, various overseas media are showing great interest in the relationship of actor Song Joong-ki’s who was reborn as a Hallyu star through various dramas including ‘Descendants of the Sun‘ where he met Song Hye-Kyo who he married in 2017 but divorced in July 2019, after 1 year and 9 months.

  1. [+5,063, -503] Why the hell did he ever get married to Song Hye Kyo?
  2. [+3,019, -905] Probably realized Korean women are hopeless and couldn’t stand dating them anymore with his pure character. I hope he’s happy with his foreign woman.
  3. [+1,860, -49] I hope he meets a good person and finds happiness. 
  4. [+1,476, -412] Better than Hye Kyo.
  5. [+592, -49] Can’t people just congratulate him? Why are there so many strange comments demeaning and putting down Korean women.. do you realize your own mother, sister, dongsaeng, and friends are Korean women too? Whether foreigner or Korean, as long as he loves her, its ok. 
  6. [+344, -36] The only Song Joong-ki we know is the one we see in the dramas. Really makes you wonder who he truly is as a person?
  7. [+353, -47] It was already game over for Song Hye Kyo once Song Joong-ki strongly said at the time of their divorce that he wouldn’t stand for any media play. That’s why he doesn’t deserve to get hate over his relationships. Let’s hope he’s happy with his new love. 
  8. [+295, -23] Song Joong-ki’s parents must be tired of their son’s spectacles too. They were so proud of their son who had studied well and preparing to become an announcer but then suddenly became an actor and married Song Hye Kyo, then divorced.. and now he’s dating an English woman.? Aigoo, it’s like they’re going through a rollercoaster ride several times every few years.. 
  9. [+287, -28] Feels like Song Joong-ki is the type to rush into things.. 
  10. [+259, -27] At this rate, he’s on track for at least 3 marriages in his lifetime.. 
  11. [+219, -19] Song Joong-ki really has no eye for women
  12. [+200, -12] At the airport, with the way she was dressed and kept touching her belly like she was protecting something.. as a woman, we have intuition about these things, congratulations ~~~
  13. [+185, -7] She definitely gets around.. she seems like the gold digger type
  14. [+163, -12] His parents must be quite embarrassed ㅋㅋㅋ

Additional source: Sports Chosun, TV Chosun

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