Fans delve into the theme of ‘salvation’ in within Big Hit songs

Article: If SM has ‘Kwangya’, Big Hit has ‘salvation’

Source: Idol Issue via Instagram

Post talks about how often Kwangya comes up in SM’s world building through lyrics and music videos but Big Hit also highlights the theme of being saved/salvation throughout their groups’ lyrics.

1. [+252] Hybe really likes the concept of youth struggling through an obstacle… they’re always suffering

2. [+211] Big Hit really does have a lot of talk about saving, save me..

3. [+151] I really loved that stuffy, foggy vibe of ‘The Most Beautiful Moment in Life’…

4. [+58] I like the emotions behind Big Hit, I can’t pinpoint what it is… I don’t need any of this world building stuff, just give me songs that the singers are able to pull off and lyrics to match it ㅠㅠ so many good songs out of Big Hit!!!

5. [+41] I really enjoy the world building behind Aespa, BTS, and TXT

6. [+26] But it’s actually BTS that is saving the listeners

7. [+4] Save… save me…. Big Hit’s salvation world building is so majestic, it makes my heart flutter

8. [+7] I really do hear a lot about salvation and “save me” in Hybe’s music.. I guess that’s considered world building itself. I did notice Huening wearing a hat with a ‘Butter’ badge in ‘Loser Lover’

9. [+9] All this talk about salvation is making me go back down the ‘The Most Beautiful Moment in Life’ rabbit hole ㅜ

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