Fans express disappointment in Gong Hyo Jin ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: Fan posts feelings on Gong Hyo Jin’s SNS controversy “is it right to consume a film the actress hates?”

Source: Top Star News via Nate

1. [+2,196, -74] Her image seemed so positive thanks to her drama but that all crumbled ㅋㅋㅋ what a unique personality

2. [+1,917, -59] I understand not wanting your pre-surgery clips out there but I was surprised that she actually wrote it the way that she did… should’ve just sent a private DM ㅠ

3. [+1,538, -47] The fact that she started her comment with “Please.” felt stronger than any order

4. [+270, -3] She looks the same before and after surgery. She’s not that pretty, everyone knows that. Why’s she being so sensitive about it?

5. [+242, -0] So the camellia flower is wilting quite quickly… how unfortunate

6. [+236, -2] Reminds me of when Yunho talked about embarrassing past photos and how he still embraced them because they’re still him

7. [+232, -2] She could’ve just DM’d it. No matter how you look at this, she was rude. She doesn’t know how precious fans are.

8. [+177, -0] Just shows that celebrities are really all made up images. I always thought she had a cheap streak to her and my assumptions were right, tsk tsk.

9. [+156, -0] She’s always been infamous for being arrogant, Dongbaek helped clean up her image

10. [+141, -0] Well ‘Camellia’ aired last year so it’s technically considered old now so we’re not allowed to talk about it anymore 🙏

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