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Article: Yunho surprises fans with clip of smoking in new teaser video

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+162] Why is the image of him smoking seen as something masculine and sexy? I can understand seeing it that way since he’s handsome but it makes me throw up seeing ajusshis smoking cigarettes on the streets…

2. [+67] Please don’t try to glamorize smoking. There’s not one useful thing about smoking, it’s simply trash.

3. [+55] Fans have known that Yunho is a smoker.. not much to be surprised about~

4. [+12] He looks cool 👍 Not because he’s smoking but because he’s Yunho. He could be holding a lollipop in his mouth and look just as cool.

5. [+6] Why does he need your permission to smoke? Jeez

6. [+5] I didn’t know he smoked… he should quit…

7. [+3] This might cause a negative influence on youth who are already smoking and make them smoke more…

8. Sexy….👍👍❤️❤️

9. I’m surprised, I never took him as the type to smoke

10. Hul, he’s always been known as the passionate man who manages himself strictly, I never thought he was a smoker

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