FNC announces Jimin will be leaving AOA and halting celebrity activities ~ Netizen Buzz

Source: Mydaily via Nate

1. [+1,520, -41] Nope… this needs to be taken to legal action

2. [+1,476, -18] Farewell, hope to never see you again

3. [+1,395, -19] AOA is already on its last legs, it doesn’t matter much whether she leaves or not. She just better not show herself on TV again.

4. [+348, -1] FNC needs to provide Mina with a proper apology + compensation as well. It also seems like FNC wasn’t managing them properly if Jimin was able to bring a man over to their dorm.

5. [+302, -1] FNC, just shut your company down… You haven’t done your job at all even once all this time, and it doesn’t seem like things will change in the future. Is there a reason for your company to exist? You guys are accomplices as well.

6. [+285, -1] I would like to ask Mina’s friends to please stay by her side so that FNC doesn’t mess with her

7. [+225, -1] Well duh, of course she should leave the group. She has no responsibility as a leader. And has FNC properly apologized to Mina? As third parties, we aren’t privy to the details, but Mina is in such a poor state right now. How do you torment someone to the point of making them slash their own wrist?

8. [+216, -1] Looks like FNC was trying to hold out but decided the talk about sex in their dorm was the last straw

9. [+202, -4] She’s going to end up coming back on TV with a sob story later anyway

10. [+190, -5] The rest of you AOA b*tches better never show on TV again. I can’t believe Seolhyun was no different from the rest of them. The others are nugus so it’s not like their careers matter but Seolhyun is quite shocking… that she was a part of such a group at all… Farewell to you too.

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